Sukimland is a recreational facility in Suki, Kobayashi city, Miyazaki prefecture, a quiet country town abundant in nature. It is featured with hot springs and traditional Japanese-style houses serving delicious foods.
Please have a relaxing time within the surrounding natures.

There are four old Japanese-style houses which are Rihei, Tanzawa, Izumo and Ginyose. As Suki is famous for chestnuts, the houses were named after them.
You can enjoy the moment of day and night with surrounding view of nature’s gift, and the bright moon shimmering through the night.
▼Facilities and equipment
Refrigerator,Air conditioner,toilet with a bidet,bath,kitchen,Kettle pot,Electric fan,Heating appliance,Rice cooker,Microwave,Slippers,Body soap,two-in-one shampoo,Toothbrush,Pot,frying pan,kitchen knife,chopsticks,Dish,Glass,Spoon,fork,Bug spray,Mosquito coil,towel,Yukata
*There are no TV and radio.

■dinner                   ■breakfast
Please enjoy the meals prepared from Suki's local ingredients and seasonal foods.
*The foods may vary to the images.

KAJIKA NO YU hotspring 
The fragrance of hinoki is said to have relaxation effects.
Please enjoy your relaxing time in hinoki indoor bath.

▼Opening Hours Monday to Friday 10:00am - 9:30pm
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday 8:30am - 9:00pm
▼Fee Adult 400 YEN
Children under 12 years old 200 YEN
▼Facilities and Equipment
Indoor bath, sauna, 2-in-1 shampoo, body soap, hair dryer,
rest area, coin locker (complementary)

The booking is limited to 4 groups per day.
Half board(dinner&breakfast) per person per night
Adult                    10,000 YEN
Children (6 ~ 12 years old)*         6,500 YEN
Children (under 6 years old)*
  ・with Kid’s Special Meal and bedding     2,600 YEN
  ・with Kid’s Special Meal (without bedding)  2,100 YEN
  ・with Kid’s bedding (without meal)       500 YEN

* Including free hot spring bath.
Check-in 2:00pm ~ 6:00pm
Check-out 10:00am

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